Baby & Beyond: Pre & Postnatal Nutrition Bootcamp

Presented by: Courtney Rinehold RDN, CDN, CLT


At this introductory class session, you will learn how to:

      1. Implement the basics of balanced nutrition for healthy baby and mom (during and after pregnancy)
      2. Apply key practical tips for simplifying food prep when cooking from scratch (with a baby in your belly and/or on your hip!)
      3. Kick start some good healthy habits in your family
      4. Get closer to achieving the physical/mental/emotional wellness we all desire as moms!

After the class, you will have the opportunity to express interest in more detailed class sessions related to this intro session, which will be planned in the very near future!

Class is from 5:30pm – 6:30pm on April 13th at Fertility & Midwifery Care Center
Seats are limited to the first 12 people that sign up
Cost is $40/person


To reserve your seat, contact the office at 260.222.7401 or email