The Decision

Some truly incredible people in my life got together last weekend and played a little trick on me. I thought I was to be interviewed about how the Papal encyclical, Humanae Vitae, has changed my practice. While this was true, I was also treated to a surprise from some of the most remarkable men and women I’ve encountered in my career, not to mention my beautiful wife and my oldest daughter.

I’m reluctant to post this on our page for fear it will seem self-promoting, yet many of you who have already seen it have been insisting that I do so. Please, when you view this, think not about me, but rather about the far more significant underlying message. This is a story about hope, about perseverance, about trust, about overcoming adversity, about stepping out in faith and watching God’s miraculous hand in action.

It is equally important to recognize that the work we do at FMCC would simply be impossible without the tireless dedication of my partner: Dr. Angela Martin, our certified nurse-midwives: Marianne Stroud, Lindsay Davidson, and Becca Cronin, our office administrator: April Beiswenger, as well as the team of medical assistants, nurses, Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioners, front-office staff, and ultrasound technicians. And thank you, friends of FMCC. Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to play a part in your lives.

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